hanoi hustle

Thanks Kevin :) Made me feel better today.

pop goes my heart

A great parody of the eighties :)


I can't believe this site actually exists:

Don't Date HIm Girl

LOL!!! I remember several conversations with girlfriends regarding dating and how they wished they could do a background check on a "potential". A sorta database of all the guys in HCMC. Since I don't think it exists, this site might have to do. Geez. I wonder if there is an equivalent website for the guys.

audrey kawasaki

She just redesigned her website. Its beautifully done.

Audrey Kawaski

more artsy stuff

Here are two other sites with cool stuff:

I bought two wallets from them once. Loved them :) I wonder when they started offering T-shirts?

I've never actually bought anything from this site, but its fun to browse.

slipping on some skin

So I've been working on a website for a client lately. They sell electronics, ipods, games, etc. They also sell accessories such as silicon skins. Wouldn't it be cool to have customized ones with your own artwork for your ipod or computer?

How to make your own ipod skins

Now if you are a bit lazy, but still want something nice and support artists out there, check out Gelaskins

I quite like this one for my laptop:

by Nanami Cowdroy

an option for the boys:

by Stella Hultberg

in the nude

Public nudity is something that I'll probably never really get. Why the heck do you want to be naked? There is so much pretty clothes to wear.

Anyways, I get freaked out at just the prospect of going into an "Onsen". Had visited a friend in Japan a few years ago and one day she decided that I should experience the public hot springs. "Public? What do you mean public? I have to see you naked?" Oy!!!! "It'll be fine, we have the same stuff?" "Uhhhh....." "I've seen my mother naked" "Ummm... yeah, I haven't and....uhhhh" So I prayed and prayed that there was some way I could get out of this experience without offending my host.

We started walking to an Onsen, me dragging my feet all the way. Get to the door. It was closed. Woo-hoo!!!
"Can't do it. Its a sign, I'm not meant to see you naked."
"There's another one down the street."
"Geez, you are persistant."

Get to that one... Closed Too...
Next one...Closed.

Huh, what's going on...
Turns out it was a Holiday and they were all closed :) Such a relief.

Now, imagine seeing 20,000 people naked. I'd probably pass out.

Striking a naked pose in Mexico City
Spencer Tunick

saigon eclipse

Ha, Thu, and I went to the primere of "Saigon Eclipse" yesturday night. You know how people tell you that "If you have nothing nice to say, then you shouldn't say anything at all." Well then, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

I will however, quote another movie-goer as he was leaving the theater, "That was SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!". Okay, you have been warned.

been a long day

life is so weird sometimes... just my thought of the moment. nothing further.


Is a new Asian American film due out in theaters this August. Its based on a book called "American Knees". Looks promising.

who knew?

Vietnamese girls could move like this. DAMN!!! Surprising, what you can find at a fashion show.

don't touch my birdie, manila girl

Funny quotes from our holiday weekend last week spent in Mui Ne at Lucy's Resort. "Don't touch my birdie" and "Manila Girl" were also two Filipino songs that Lester and Anne decided to grace us with when we went for some kareoke. Jay sang a really strange one by Weird Al that I'd never heard of. Hmmm... wonder what makes a song popular in the Phillipines?

We also had one Jumpin' Party. That was a lot of fun :)

i won a printer - updated with picts

Upon the urging of some friends, and plenty of advice, I entered a fashion contest for HP and won the grand prize, one of their 3800N series printers. Now just have to find someone to sell it to. Fashion show updates to come later because I'm running on only 5 hours of sleep in the last two days. All-nighters projects, man do they do me in. Going to sleep....

So a little bit about the contest. The contestants were asked to design a collection of 10 pieces and produce 3 of them. It was required that print-outs from the HP Color Printer be used as a part of the designs.

There were two categrories: Student Designers and Professionals.

Student Skeches and Final Products:

Student Contestant 1

Student Contestant 2 - This one completely changed his designs. It looks awesome!

Student Contestant 3

Student Contestant 4

Student Contestant 5

Professionals' Skeches and Final Products:

Contestant 1

Contestant 2

Contestant 3

Contestant 4

Me. I only like the first two. I'm not very fond of the third one, need to rework it. Ah well, only had one week to get everything done.

I am so glad I was not a part of the Student Group. They had some really good stuff. Well, they also brought along a team of friends to help too, so I guess they had a bit of an advantage. I was the only one with no team at all. Some of the people felt bad for me, thinking I had no friends or something... lol. My friends just have better things to do then help me sew, like real work. It was an interesting experience none-the-less.

Student Winners: 2nd place, 1st, and 3rd.

favorite podcasts

Speaking of ipod, what are your favorite podcasts?

I've been listening/watching "Comedy Central: Stand-Up". Hilarious. I miss going to comedy shows. Also a few Learning Chinese ones to refresh my memory. What other good ones are out there? Comment Away!!!

dear men

Do not make "kissing" noises when I run or walk past you. Whoever taught you that it was a good way to pick up women is completely and utterly WRONG!!!!

Went running yesturday and normally have my headphones on to drown out the noise of the city. But unfortunately, I forgot to charge my ipod, leaving me vunerable, unprotected. The ignorance that tends to accompany me was gone. Instead I was greeted with "kissing" noises from random men sitting on the benches along the park. If it was not for the fact that it would break my stride and doubtful that they would learn anything, I would have gone over and slapped EACH and EVERY one of them.

Instead, I will remember to charge my ipod, so that I can enjoy my run basked in music and pretend that all men have manners.