no wonder...

Americans are fat. Check out what we eat compared to everyone else:

What the world eats.

lets play telephone

So one of my friends is learning Vietnamese by listening to a CD and repeating what she hears. She plans to visit one day.

The man on the audio CD says:
"Anh có hiểu tiếng Anh không?"
Do you understand English?

My friend says:
" Anh có ỉa tiếng Anh không?"
Do you SHIT English?

Lol. Good job, babe. Good job :P

efficiency defined

"I hate knives....I want a laser!"
quote made by Kimbo as I was washing dishes, a knife in particular.

home again

I am home again, back in Salem. Arrived 36 hours ago and have been on the DL, hanging with the family. Have spent most of my time with my nieces. They've all grown so much and have become very talkative, especially Lana and Elisabeth. Pretty soon, they will outgrow their auntie.

The girls with Jo :)

Last night, after a dinner of sushi at my favorite place on Route 1, Sake, my sisters decided to work out. I attempted to do Pilates with them... but yeah, I stink at it. Half the time, I'm trying not to laugh at all the weird positions. Actually, my dad had a good laugh himself when he walked by. The "grasshopper" move is killer by the way.

This morning I watched as everyone went to work and for a minute felt like a "bum". That soon passed though, when the nieces walked through the door. Made them some macaroni and cheese and remembered how much I actually enjoyed cooking. I know, macaroni and cheese is not real cooking, but still... you get the point. Will have to look up some recipes to try while I am here. Spent the rest of the morning watching a DVD, "Eliot Chang", an Asian American comic. He's hilarious.

celebrity designers

Everytime I hear about a celebrity starting their own fashion line, I cringe. Its been going on for awhile now, starting maybe six years ago with P.Diddy, JLo, and Gwen Stefani, but when people like Hilary Duff have their own line, which by the way is called "Stuff by Hilary Duff", come on, you gotta be kidding me, what kind of name is that for a fashion line anyways...Something has just gone terribly terribly wrong.

Stealing the Scene Along With the Store

I agree with Vera Wang. If you're a celebrity designer, you should be wearing only your own clothes to public events.

funny quotes

These are from Overheard in New York, so random.

Hell Is Other People With No Style
Hope These Two Crazy Kids Realize They Belong Together
There Should Be Just One Word Per Meaning
Keds? Really?
Pre-Class Registration Starts Once A Month
Lindsay Reps Her Own Urine These Days
Got a Match?

And my favorite: Some Things You Just Shouldn't Joke About

end of stem cell debate ?

According to this article in the NY Times, scientists may have found a solution to creating stem cells without using embryos.

Biologists Are Making Skin Cells Work Like Stem Cells

did you say something?

Imagine if the hot model in the billboard you're staring at starts talking. Cool or Creepy as hell? It could happen. Check out this story:

Talking Paper Made by Scientists

anh bi got hitched

The Happy Couple

Me and my favorite uncle, who flew in from Danang just the night before.

My cousin, whom I call Anh Bi, got married last week. Apparently I can no longer call him Anh Bi, but Hai or something like that... Bi was his nickname, hmmm... didn't know its no longer proper for me to call him "Bi". Rules, so many rules...

Anyways, being the only fluent English speaker, I was assigned to sit next to his former boss from Mitsuibishi and translate what was going on. Later on during the day, I find out that his former co-workers think that I'm the boss's new wife. Sigh. This is what I get for being nice.... After it was clarified to them that I was a relative, that seemed to make things worse. After the evening reception was over, I start to head home. Get into an elevator by myself, when all of a sudden a bunch of guys jump in. Argghhh....If that wasn't bad enough, they start talking stupid.

"We know why you jumped in." one guy says to another. "Of course, I planned it from the beginning. Now wouldn't it be great if the elevator got stuck?" "Not a problem, just push that red emergency button." " What would be better is if all the lights went out."

Dear Lord, make me GAG. Soon as the door opened, I was outta there. Seriously, how rude !!!