home again

I am home again, back in Salem. Arrived 36 hours ago and have been on the DL, hanging with the family. Have spent most of my time with my nieces. They've all grown so much and have become very talkative, especially Lana and Elisabeth. Pretty soon, they will outgrow their auntie.

The girls with Jo :)

Last night, after a dinner of sushi at my favorite place on Route 1, Sake, my sisters decided to work out. I attempted to do Pilates with them... but yeah, I stink at it. Half the time, I'm trying not to laugh at all the weird positions. Actually, my dad had a good laugh himself when he walked by. The "grasshopper" move is killer by the way.

This morning I watched as everyone went to work and for a minute felt like a "bum". That soon passed though, when the nieces walked through the door. Made them some macaroni and cheese and remembered how much I actually enjoyed cooking. I know, macaroni and cheese is not real cooking, but still... you get the point. Will have to look up some recipes to try while I am here. Spent the rest of the morning watching a DVD, "Eliot Chang", an Asian American comic. He's hilarious.


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