Go RISD !!!

I was just browsing through my favorite T-shirt shopping website, Threadless and noticed that they have a select section. After the click, who do I see but my old professor, John Maeda, and a bunch of designs from RISD students. What a fun and creative way to get money for scholarships! Makes me want to apply to grad school at RISD... Who knows, maybe in a few more years. Check out the designs.

In other news, I find it kinda funny how the Vietnamese help each other to avoid getting traffic tickets by the cops. This morning on the way to work, we were driving down this small one-way street with cops standing at the corner. Of course, most Vietnamese do not care its one way or not, they will drive anywhere they want. So as we are driving, we see a whole bunch people going the wrong way. Suddenly, everybody behind us is screaming at them,"There are cops at the end of the road, turn around!" and like a school of fish, every one of them just switched around and headed the right way. With all this screaming, it a wonder that the cops didn't hear....

those teen years again? damnit....

I feel like a teenager again and not in the good, I have tons of energy sense. But more along the lines of breaking out and having my face covered with blemishes. I didn't really experience this when I was a teenager myself, so its a bit weird for me trying to figure out how to get my face back to normal again. I guess as you get older, your hormones sometimes changes and goes haywire. For the most part I just find it very annoying that I look even younger now. Sigh. I hope it all clears up soon.

paint allergy?

I think I might be allergic to paint. I have been trying to redecorate the place that I live in and was painting the other day. After a couple of hours, I noticed some hives. They went away, but the next day, I woke up with a fever. Whoa... didn't feel so good, after downing tons of liquids and talking Tammy into making me some comfort food, her amazing burgers, I recovered fairly quickly. Yay!!! But yeah, so much for a painting career. Oh well, I'll stick to fashion and watercolors.

on hiatus

Due to my current workload, I am taking a break from any form of blogging altogether. I barely have time to put in 8 hours of sleep a night, so something must GO. Unfortunately it will be this blog for the next three months. Hopefully in three months I wil have adjusted to the workload and be able to make time for blogging again.

tet in saigon

This is the first year that I've spent Tet in Saigon. When you're not around family, there is not that much to do this time of year. Most of the shops and resturants are closed, since everyone has taken the holiday off to spend some quality time with the family. I've been out and about, roaming the streets of Nguyen Hue, which has been decorated with thousands of flowering blooms, lights, and statues of rats. (Will post pictures soon) Along the way, I met Hoai Linh, a famous Vietnamese comic who has a tendency to dress in drag for his skits. Bumped into a few photographer friends and spent Tet Eve chatting with them about their work.

One the first, my landlady invited me to have breakfast with her family. She's been very nice and sees me as part of the family. I just don't like imposing. Later, a friend asked me to have dinner at his grandmother's place. She is a sweet eighty year old grandmother who just can't sit still and will always comment if she thinks you're doing something improper.

As I am bending down to get something from my bag, she stares at my chest and says "You really need to wear more so you don't get sick..." Ummm... I was also wearing a jacket... Instead of a tank in this hot weather, I guess I should really be wearing a turtleneck. Sigh...grandmothers.... My friend found it extremely amusing.

I should be used to it by now....comments about my chest and bum...since all the other vietnamese women here are skinny sticks. Eat people, eat!!! There is so much food here, why don't they gain weight?