A NPR interview with John Maeda on the subject of "Simplicity". I was surprised to hear my old professor's voice on the radio as I was driving into Boston last week. He's an interesting fella.

In an Age of Gadgets, Life Gets Complicated

are you hardcore?

25 Reasons You Might Be A Hardcore Graphic/Web Designer

Funny list, completely agree with number 5 and 6. Lol.

this is prison?

Cebu inmates take to dancing as exercise.

Strange... very strange.

a company to love

Innocent Drinks

Its great when companies give back to the community and in such a clever fashion. Wonder if they will ever come to the U.S. ?


My sister Jo and I took one of our nieces to an Amusement Park today, Canobie Lake in New Hampshire. The last time I was at this park was my senior year of college with my friend Chi. On the way there, I had asked my niece if she liked getting older. She's only 8. She responded, "No! It fun to be a kid." Smart girl, I couldn't agree with her more. It was definitely fun to go on all the rides and just be a kid again. It would be nice not to get older....

On the flip side though, with age comes wisdom, or so one hopes. When we got home, I decided to go through and clean out all the boxes and boxes of stuff that I left in the basement. Found some of my old journals, before there were blogs, and read a few of the entries I had made when I was in college. My goodness, boy was I naive then. Threw a bunch of them away. Looking back, at 20, I didn't know anything. How fast life changes..... Enjoy your childhood folks cause unfortunately time does not go backwards.

modern ao dais

As featured on the runway of the Miss Vietnam Global Pagent 2006.

Part 1 - time 7:28

Part 2 - time 9:48

Some of the modern designs are downright ugly i.e. the one with the missing shoulder. What was that girl thinking? And what's with the long trains. Good way to fall down the stairs and knock yourself out, I say.

My ao dais are much prettier :p

The one item that I did like is the hostess's dress. Beautiful.

smart penguin

Bringing Penguins into Boardroom

This is an interesting article on how effective teaching can be when the subject has been repackaged into something that seems less threatening. Thinking outside the box !

viral fashion marketing

Its seems that everyone is jumping on the "Fashion" bandwagon. All kinds of companies and organizations are just throwing random fashion shows to introduce their new product lines. Sometimes it is all a bit ridiculous.

Case in point, this recent "Condom Fashion Show" for the Fourth China Reproductive Health New Technologies and Products Expo. Would you really want to waltz around town in a dress made of condoms? I'm also quite doubtful that it raised any awareness about "AIDS", which was supposedly the main purpose. The money to put on the show could have been better spent elsewhere on education.

my best friend's wedding

So one of my best friend's from college just got married to a guy I apparently introduced her to, not intentionally by the way. Who knew she would like him and they'd get hitched :P Certainly not me.... I was quite shocked when she told me they were dating. "No... you can't be serious. Him???" Sorry Tan, I know I'm bad. You're a good guy. I'm working on it....

Long story short, they're actually really cute together and I'm extremely happy for both of them. Pictures from Susie's and Tan's wedding:

Lin, Susie, and Me up sharing some stories, chocolate chip cookies, and milk.

Tan sneaking a peek at Susie the morning of the wedding. Such a punk...he wasn't supposed to see her yet.

With Lin, who zipped her into her dress.

Her mom helping her with her veil.

All ready to go...

The guest sign-in table with pictures of their parents' weddings. Awhhh....

Walking down the isle with her dad.

Making their vows.

Tan asking "May I kiss the bride?" because the officiator forgot. Lol :)

The answer, "Of course!!!" So he did.

The newly married couple in outfit number 1.

In outfit number 2. I designed her Ao Dai. Gorgeous, isn't it? Thank you, thank you :P

And in outfit number 3, both of them in traditional Korean clothes. Love it!!! Such bright, vivid colors :)

A Wellesley group picture with the beaming bride.

fourth of july, 2007

I spent the Fourth of July at my cousin's house, doing what most families do when they get together: Cook, Eat, and Hang Out.

Lana and Elisabeth tuckered out after running around all over the place.

With Kim, trying to get the nieces to stay still for a pict.

Food being grilled on the BarB.

Eating the goodies.

Preparing Jo's Birthday Cake

Play dough sillyness

Family Photos

kids say the darnest things

"This is better when we're HIGH."

Uttered by my 8-year old niece, in reference to our movie theater seats for Ratatouille. We kinda went twice. The audio track was bad in the first showing, where we had sat closer to the screen. After an hour, we switched to a later showing with better audio and moved to higher seats.

Loved the movie. Great storytelling. Brad Bird has done it again.


If you're wondering where I am, I've been a bit distracted by Facebook lately and all of their applications. When did they come up with so many? Don't worry, this novelty will wear off eventually.... Countdown to Susie's wedding, 4 days and I'm off to Dallas.