My sister Jo and I took one of our nieces to an Amusement Park today, Canobie Lake in New Hampshire. The last time I was at this park was my senior year of college with my friend Chi. On the way there, I had asked my niece if she liked getting older. She's only 8. She responded, "No! It fun to be a kid." Smart girl, I couldn't agree with her more. It was definitely fun to go on all the rides and just be a kid again. It would be nice not to get older....

On the flip side though, with age comes wisdom, or so one hopes. When we got home, I decided to go through and clean out all the boxes and boxes of stuff that I left in the basement. Found some of my old journals, before there were blogs, and read a few of the entries I had made when I was in college. My goodness, boy was I naive then. Threw a bunch of them away. Looking back, at 20, I didn't know anything. How fast life changes..... Enjoy your childhood folks cause unfortunately time does not go backwards.


At 7/31/2007 12:25 PM, Blogger Lin said...

oh do share what some of your naive thoughts were! I can't believe you threw it all out. I clean out old crap from my room every couple years when I go. But I still keep a lot for nostalgia's sake. I gotta say it's still surprising and entertaining when I find something I've written from 20 years ago...and I imagine it will still be amusing in another 20.


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