grading hell

I'm in the middle of grading hell.... its kinda making me depressed....

Anyways, Jo went home last Thursday, miss you hon.
Patricia came back from Thailand on Saturday, good to have you back roomie :)
Now if only I could think of "constructive criticism" comments in a blink of an eye.
I seriously spend too much time picking student work apart. Sigh....

what a steal!

So went browsing on the Jcrew website even though I can't buy anything since my credit card doesn't work over here. I guess that is a good thing...

Anyways, what did I spot this season:

Cheetah Print Flats.

What I got for Kim the other day: Cheetah Print Flats that look way cuter! (And more authentic looking too )

Jcrew price: $228 ( holy cow that is expensive )

The ones I got for Kim: $24 ( that's like more than 10 times less )
Knowing I'm a cool sis and savy shopper : priceless :) yes, yes, it does not take much to make me happy.

sheraton sillyness

Back so soon, Steph? Yes, she is back in Saigon and brought along her two sisters.

We all met up at the Sheraton to support her new friend, Ladee, a jazz singer.

We ordered some wine...

Had a few laughs...

And a group picture before everyone got drunk...

Slightly buzzed...

injured list

Patricia all bandaged up and me with a bloody toe after slipping on the stairs at school.

snowy white

Below is the story of Snowy White:

How can you tell it's printed in Vietnam? The grammar is a dead giveaway: "AT" instead of "OF".

But what's even funnier is what its printed on:

Yes, that's right! A light pink polka-dotted bra and panty set. I was cracking up in the store and well since it made me smile so much, I bought the set just for fun. Besides, they'd prolly think I was some kinda weirdo taking pictures of underwear in the store.

new shoes

When me and Jo are together and shopping, its bad news.... we bought 6 pairs of shoes!!!

I was good. I only bought one, the biege with the white trim. So cute. OK. okay.. I bought 2. The other one is for Kim though, the leopard print ballet flats. Not my size, but at least I keep it in the family :)

The white ones are ultra mod and made of linen. So bummed it didn't come in my size either. Oh well, Jo gets them. So good at spotting cool shoes, but don't have feet big enough to fit them... Anybody need a stylist?

being pampered

Ah after so much work, we needed to treat ourselves, so off to the SPA we went...

I was so hungry after such a long day that I succumbed and ate the spa food. As you can see, it's not that great...

On the way home, their manicures got smudged so they went back the next day to get them fixed.

A bit of window shopping...

Some brunch

A little dessert

Getting the hair did

Out for dinner and more eating :)

in the green

Every now and then we would take breaks and instead of ordering in Western food, we headed out for some Vietnamese food. Oddly enough, every Vietnamese resturant we went to was decorated in shades of green.

At 'Buon La'

At 'Chi Nghia'. Their stuffed pumpkin blossoms are good.

At 'Wrap and Roll' on their last day.


The cousins were in town for a while. We were the most productive house in Saigon; every single one of us was either studying or working....

Wanda would go to work with me to find a quiet place to study for her MCATs. The exams are THICK!!!

Here is Wanda attempting to bind one of the exams.

Finally she gave it to me to give it a go....

Woo-hoo!!! Wanda - 1, mcat - 0.