new shoes

When me and Jo are together and shopping, its bad news.... we bought 6 pairs of shoes!!!

I was good. I only bought one, the biege with the white trim. So cute. OK. okay.. I bought 2. The other one is for Kim though, the leopard print ballet flats. Not my size, but at least I keep it in the family :)

The white ones are ultra mod and made of linen. So bummed it didn't come in my size either. Oh well, Jo gets them. So good at spotting cool shoes, but don't have feet big enough to fit them... Anybody need a stylist?


At 8/06/2006 10:55 PM, Anonymous Kim Nguyen said...

you're right! i DO like those shoes. i'm stealing them!

At 8/07/2006 7:57 AM, Blogger snowtweety said...

The cream linen ones right? Yeah, they're so nice and can go with anything springy...


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