Went out to lunch with a co-worker who ordered a fish dish and it arrived still in a net... of carrot???? How the heck did they do that??? Amazing....

It also makes for a good hairpiece... for the fish that is. Yes, I sometimes play with my food :)


At 7/26/2006 3:18 PM, Blogger Beach said...

Where is this restaurant? I need an address.

At 7/28/2006 7:45 AM, Blogger Beach said...

Last night, I had the same fish at Vuon Xua restaurant on 153 XVNT. Is that the same rest. you went to?

At 7/28/2006 8:06 AM, Blogger snowtweety said...

Is that in District 7? I have no idea what the name of the place is, just that its near my school.

At 7/28/2006 8:35 AM, Blogger Beach said...

This one is in Q. Binh Thanh near Thi Nghe bridge.


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