teaching again

I started teaching again a couple days ago and I'm actuallay pretty excited about it. The projects that the students will be working on will give them industry experience working with clients. Woo-hoo!!! One is for an animation studio, another for a fashion company, and possibly two working with orphanages and non-profit groups. Should be an interesting semester. Excited :)

aquafina pure fashion

I attended the Aquafina Pure Fashion Show last night. It was a very long show that could have been edited a bit more. Imagine over 35 different collections.... The event started at 7:30pm and didn't end until 10:30pm, 3 hours + is way too long. Lot of great designs, one even incorporated glowing LED lights. Pictures will be uploaded shortly :)

Some of my favs from the show:

Blue jersey knit dress from NTU

Gray jersey knit dress from NTU

Below are all from student designers. Very impressive.

I love the tiered ruffles.

This one is just fantastic. Great for an intergalatic costume party.

This is the one with the glowing blue LEDs. Ran out of memory, so wasn't able to take a photo of it in action. Very cool though.

saigon's week of art

Apparently there is a whole week of art events going on now. I missed one at the beginning, but managed to catch another one of the events today. You're away for 2 months and no one sends you mail anymore! Sheesh....

Anyways, back to ART. Today I attended "Future, Tuong Lai" , the opening exhibition of a new gallery called San Art, an independent artist space run by Dinh Q. Le, known for his woven image tapestries.

Its a great space for local artists to show their work. What's also great is that they have a reading room where you can browse through art books and magazines. Its a small library right now, so will need donations to grow. Anyone interested in donating? Yay for more BOOKS !!!!

Another art event begins tomorrow, "Le Mois de L'image" ( A month of images ), from Oct. 4 - Oct. 20. Participating Venues include the Musee des Beaux-Arts de HCMC, Galerie Quynh, Idecaf, and the Association des Photographers.

This will be a busy week :)