planning a getaway

My college roommie, Lin, is in town and we're planning on taking a month long trip to Bangkok, Thailand and Angkorwat, Cambodia. Possibly Luang Prabang, China, and Taiwan as well. Recommendations for what to do/see welcomed.

So this blog might not be updated very much for the next month or so. We'll see if there is internet along the way.

You can check out Lin's blog and her travel adventures here.

so true...

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drag queens

Last month, the first ever drag queen fashion show in Vietnam was held at Yang's, a.k.a. Duong's. There were 10 models wearing the fashions of Nguyen Cong Tri. My camera kind of crapped out on me, so don't have that many pictures.

It was a fabulous event though: completely over the top make-up, hair, and clothes. Everything a drag show should be :)

vietnam model awards

Ok, so finally the internet is sufficiently fast enough and my baby is all better. I guess I'll start the re-cap with some beautiful people.

Vietnam held its first Model Awards this past December and I managed to talk myself into the the show, convincing the management that I was a reporter, which technically was partially true. AsiaLIFE had asked me to do a write-up if I could, but I'm not really one of their official reporters.

Besides the half hour delay on the first night of competition, the show was a surprisingly very well co-ordinated event with some very lovely clothes and a couple of good entertainers. As for the models, I thought that Xuan Lan, Phuong Zenana, and Ngoc Quyen were very good: confident and sexy. They didn't win though. Boo.

The Event Poster outside of the Stadium with the 18 contestants.

The catwalk before the show.

Backstage getting hair and make-up done.

A bit of dancing opens the show.

Modeling ao dais designed by Vo Viet Chung

More entertainment by Dam Vinh Hung and Ngo Thanh Van, who is also the lead actress in Saigon Love Story. Wonder if it will actually be screened in Vietnam anytime....

Models strutting their stuff on the first night of competition: Pham Ngoc, Thanh Van, Ngoc Quyen, Xuan Lan, Phuong Zenana

The Awards Ceromony began with dancing as well.

And then a dedication to the older models that paved the way. Dang... still smoking...

One last walk-off: Thanh Hang , Thuy Huong

And the winner is......

Actually every one won something...MIss Congeniality...etc. etc... Its oh-so PC....

Thuy Huong, the model on the left, was awarded Best Body, leaving Thanh Hang as Model of Year.

They're all so skinny!!!!!

Here are the results in English and Vietnamese.

And my article in AsiaLife : On the catwalk


My computer was running really slowly and just crashed the end of last week. Luckily, I made a backup... have been re-installing tiger and apps all weekend. Almost done, just a few more apps to go and I can start uploading and posting again... Argghhh...

inspire re-do

Just completed a re-design of the Inspire Vietnam website. It is a non-profit organization that builds libraries in Vietnam.
Check it out here:

Inspire Vietnam