planning a getaway

My college roommie, Lin, is in town and we're planning on taking a month long trip to Bangkok, Thailand and Angkorwat, Cambodia. Possibly Luang Prabang, China, and Taiwan as well. Recommendations for what to do/see welcomed.

So this blog might not be updated very much for the next month or so. We'll see if there is internet along the way.

You can check out Lin's blog and her travel adventures here.


At 1/29/2007 10:24 PM, Blogger JENNY said...

ike sooo much darn fun i wannnnnaaa go i am so tied down from work only 2 weeks a year boohooo!!!!

At 1/30/2007 4:29 PM, Anonymous Kym said...

Hey Tuyet, sorry i couldnt join you before you left. so you need info on what to see n do.
Thailand - KPN is a fav isalnd of mine where the full moon parties take place. If you want to sleep next to the action then you need to head for the sunrise side, if you want peace n quiet head for the sunset side. A place i like is called "seetanu" huts on the beach. Friendly, good food, clean n cheap bungalow huts but no aircon.
or Ko samui island which has the big golden buddha. Sorry i dont remember where i stayed there. Kev is going to Krabi so perhaps you guys could meet up? From BKK to Siem Riep you can get a bus to the border of Thai/Cam then change over to another bus, i've heard the roads have improved, when i did it there were potholes every single km of the way which resulted in a massage when i got there. make sure you are in BKK to arrange your visa about 3 days. When you get to SR, i stayed at a nice clean GH called "Smileys", def worth checking out. Once you've done the Wats then you can either get a express boat to PP or a bus, if you do opt for the boat make sure you get either a seat or if you are on top of the boat then get near the front of the hull or else you WILL GET WET!! Once PP i cant really offer you much advise on where to stay as the place i stayed was not good but very cheap $1 again was called "smileys" but no affiliation to SR. If you're interested in the whole Khmer Rouge thing then you can do Tol Sleung then the "Killing Fields", if you want to shoot a M16, AK47 or blow up a live cow, that can also be arranged. "Heart of Darkness" is def a much better version than the HCMC one. If you want n have time, then there is also Sihanoukville beach for some RnR. sorry again cant offer you the place i stayed as i am useless and keeping that info. So have fun, be good.. if you can't then be safe.

At 2/03/2007 1:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so do you quit your job at RMIT for good ?

At 2/04/2007 1:42 AM, Anonymous azngamerboi said...

hey snowtweety-

i replied to your comment regarding the monopoly set which you wish to borrow.

feel free to drop me a line at anytime. :)

let me know when you want to get it.

Nice blog btw- cheers


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