going goth

A party invite was sent out. It was requested that people dress up:

Be Sixty. Be Sassy. Be Sparky. Be Gothic. Be Manly. Be Naughty.

Dressing up is always so much fun, so Ha and I went all out, from the big wild hair down to the black nails and studded cuffs.

Memorable moments throughout the night, but the best was the first. Ha and I were just stepping into the elevator at her apartment complex on our way out and there were two little girls in there. One was around 10 and the other one a bit younger. I felt a little bit awkward, thinking that we must look kind of scary to them, kinda like in spiderman2 when he's in the elevator, trying to avoid direct eye contact. The 10 year old shyly looks up at us, then checks us out a bit more thoroughly and simply says, "You look great." The elevator door opens and holding her sister's hand, they both leave. Did she really say that...? Awhhh....so sweet :)

At the beginning of the night...

By the end...

It was quite a party. There was live music:

Craziness all around...

Plenty of tongue. Can we say....Oral fixation???

And some late night dim-sum sillyness.


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