2 inches

Went to get my hair cut over the weekend. Normally, Xuan cuts it for me but she was not there, so I let one of her employees do it. All I wanted was a trim, since I wanted to maintain the length. The person, asked how much, I said "2 inches" and even demonstrated how much two inches was with my thumb and forefinger. "You have so much hair", he says... at which I smile and again demonstrate only "2 inches" off please.

The over-eager hairdresser chopped off 6 inches!!! God damn it!!!! I should have known better. Beware of happy go lucky hairdressers who have their own agendas.

It's pretty, he assures me. I don't want pretty, I want to easily wrap my hair into a bun, you idiot!!!

I'm so annoyed. Now I have to carry around a hair-tie with me everywhere I go and it will be another 6 months till it grows out to the original length. How inconvenient. No tip for him.


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