textile shopping

Of course, being women that we are, no trip is ever complete without a bit of shopping and boy were there a lot of things to buy.

Lol. I ended up buying a black Hmong jacket and belt and of course wearing it the wrong way. I kept getting stares from all the Hmong people.

Trying to get a better price dressed as a Hmong, "Oh, come on, I'm like one of you guys. See!!!? Dang it, that didn't work..."

Steph with her baby blanket

The shopping continued into the night with the market women chasing us all around town, thier baskets filled with blankets and skirts to sell. It was pure madness.

The Red Zhao at the nightmarket

Caps, anyone?

Some student artists sketching the night scenes.

Ha's bracelet obsession.

Music and dance performances.

A break of barbequed goodies to replenish ourselves for the next day.


At 10/10/2006 8:30 AM, Anonymous jenny d said...

what an awesome vacation lol! i really wish u could come home tho!

At 10/13/2006 9:26 PM, Anonymous Kim Nguyen said...

hmm... i would like a cool braclet, or jewelery, or clothing... or you can come home for thanksgiving. that's my birthday wish. miss you lots! send me mail, no one ever does anymore.


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