media lab move

MIT is setting up a new Media Lab in Taiwan. Hope it works out better than their last two ventures in India and Ireland, muddled by too much government involvement. In a comparison of asian workers and their western counterparts, the issue of lack of creativity in asian cultures comes up yet again.


its hits unexpectly, sapping away strength and any desire for much else but sleep. but try as i might, a night of restful undisturbed slumber does not come easily ......

flash loops

Flash Actionscript is driving me insane!!! Been trying to program a module for a professor in the French Department for a couple of weeks now. Attempted several iterations and still do not have all the functionality working correctly. Code keeps running into loops. Arrrghhhhh!!!!! One more week and that's it.

so hot

The weather around here is getting so hot. My room feels like an oven. For once, I'm wishing for rain.

6.16.05 Drat! I actually got my wish and more, freezing 50 degree weather to boot. Gotta be more specific next time.

the balloon experience

I started my teacher training classes last week. Our first assignment is to teach a 10 minute lesson on something other than language. I decided to teach the class how to make balloon animals, specifically a mouse. As I was searching for extra material, instructions on how to make other animals if they were interested in continuing, I came across The Balloonhat Experience. Its about two guys traveling to 34 different countries around the world and making balloon hats for people. They've even got a documentary film coming out, The Balloonhat Movie. The idea is a bit preposterous, but infectious. I couldn't help smiling and laughing to myself as I went through their picture gallery.

nano, nano

Seems that Samsung is leading the way in nanotechnology products. They've just unveiled the thinnest panel TV to date, only one-inch thick and are currently developing TV's using nanotubes. Another exciting product will be the 16GB flash cards. Imagine the storage capabilites! Soon, the question of storage will be irrelevant because we will be able to archive everything we ever wanted and still have space for more.