concept mapping

There is an interesting article about helping children learn through concept mapping, which resembles how you would organize a web directory or data trees to me. Funny, the middle school that is mentioned in the article was the same school I had attended in 6th grade. Only went there for two weeks before moving to the Northeast.

Speaking of cognitive processes, the NY times has an article about our brains on 'searing love'. It can be downright dangerous!

free your music

Ipod owners can now transfer their music to their other computers by bypassing iTunes and using a new plug-in from the makers of Winamp. Neat!

Ipod Plug-In Sets Music Free

textile wars

With the removal of the 30 year old textile quota system this past January, all eyes are fixed on China. Afraid that their markets will be flooded with cheap imports from China, the EU and US are beginning to impose their own tariffs to safeguard the industry at home. Economic power shift? most certainly. Check out their Malls!

seamless... postcard secrets

Two random things I ran across today.

Seamless: a fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion. each project [re]interprets the conceptual goal of a seamless relationship between technology and fashion. these are real clothes that inspire and provoke.

Postcard Secrets: an ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.


Seems there is a new logic game out the the Brits on hooked onto, Sudoku. I'll try the online version sometime.

for the inner geek

A 1 GB swiss army knife. How handy is that!


Went to the Chanel Exhibit at the MET. Its amazing how the packaging of her cosmetics hasn't really changed much. Love the lace dresses. Wasn't too fond of her black quilted bag, but must agree that Coco is one classy lady.

fashion for the masses

BCBG Max Azria will be designing a line for Sears. Another high-end designer producing goods for the masses.

First it was a bankrupt Isaac Mizrahi for Target then Karl Lagerfield, of the House of Chanel, for H&M. JCPenny has recruited Nicole Miller, while Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors have lower end versions of their own lines, Marc and Michael respectively.

Stella McCartney just jumped on the H&M bandwagon too! Her line is due out in November.

Quite a phenomena, it even has a name: masstige, prestige for the masses.

Leaves one wondering what is going on in the fashion world? What is a Designer's value when they are forced to make lower quality goods to supplement their higher-end couture lines? Couture specifically is supposed to be about art and creativity, not profits. Are they sacrificing their integrity as designers by adapting to the changing economic market? Or are they being smart by appealing to a wider audience?

puzzling maze

One of my interns made this game for her class that I had quite a bit of fun playing. If you're ever bored, give it a go.

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new york weekend

Spent the weekend in New York with my sisters. Jo and I were attempting to help Kim pack and move. Didn't get much done. Instead went out eating :) Met up with Jee-Hee and Judy for brunch on Sunday at the Five Point resturant in Soho. Nice atmosphere, great food. Just a relaxing weekend.