I haven't sat down and watch MTV in awhile. Today I caught two of the funniest music videos I've seen in a long time :)

White N' Nerdy

Ok Go

hitchcock's birds

After Bali, we stayed in KL for a day and then took a 5 hour bus ride back to Singapore. Midway to the border, the bus made a pitstop for folks to stretch out thier legs a bit. And this is what we saw. Mad crazy!!!

surfer central

The town of Kuta on the island of Bali is what I would call a Surfer's Haven. No where else have I seen so many surf shops.

Thu, I think you'll need a bigger surfboard than that if you wanna learn.

And you'll prolly need to wax down the board with.... Mother's Milk wax??? What the....

Bali also seems to the be the place to get tattoos....Cool. I like.

Me and Thu being silly.

There is just something about a man in uniform. More guys should wear them :) I think I made this one a bit nervous though. He seems rather tense on my side and relaxed on Thu's...People I do not bite :P , So chill.

The streets are lined with altars and temples.

Offerings are made every morning.

Hmmm... which one?

Some late night partying at club Bounty.

And some Mango chipped ice in the morning. That stuff was so addictive. I could eat it at every meal.

If anyone ever goes to Bali, stay at the Bamboo Bed and Breakfast on Legion Street. They have nice clean rooms.

And great staff that even help me set up a place to work :)

So long Bali. I will have to go back someday. This trip was much too short.

getting high

After we had gone to Singpore, me and girls headed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We only spent three days there.

I got to know Starbucks really well and drank way too much coffee for my own good.

We met up with Giap and Xuan to try some smokeless tobacco. Its really hard to breathe out the smoke through your nose. Very ticklish. Giap looks like a dragon blowing off some steam.

Afterwards we headed to a rooftop bar with a open pool and a view of the Petronas towers. Very neat.

We were also lucky to be staying in a place that had an even better view.

The next day we went to the mall and waited and waited. This is the line to go to the Skybridge. Way too long.....

Finally, we reach the Skybridge at the 42 floor and are able to check out the view below.

festival of lights

When I was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, there were three different festivals of lights all happening at the same time. So by pure coincidence, I stayed in hostels in all three locations and saw them all.

In Chinatown, we stayed a Traveller's Reststop. This is what the hostel had in their lobby:

Awwhhh.. and I like durian.

They also had a map of where thier visitors are from. Woo-hoo! First one from Da Nang.

Chinatown was celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. After two days in Singapore, we left of for KL and Bali.

When I came back to Singapore, I stayed at another hostel called Sleepy Sam's, which has a lot of character and free Wireless :)

Sleepy Sam's is located on Bussorah Street, which happened to be where folks were celebrating the Malay Festival, Hari Raya Pussa. After two nights there, I relocated yet again.... (kinda what happens with last minute booking...)

to another hostel called Hangout @ Mt. Emily. This was quite a nice little place. A bit further out than the other two, but in a quiet area near a park with an rooftop garden that had a pretty good view of the Singpore Skyline. It also had internet, but not wireless. Good place for a group of friends to stay. It is also a 10 minute walk from Little India...

where Deepavali was being celebrated.

I think I covered a bit of Singapore with all the hostel hopping :)

textile shopping

Of course, being women that we are, no trip is ever complete without a bit of shopping and boy were there a lot of things to buy.

Lol. I ended up buying a black Hmong jacket and belt and of course wearing it the wrong way. I kept getting stares from all the Hmong people.

Trying to get a better price dressed as a Hmong, "Oh, come on, I'm like one of you guys. See!!!? Dang it, that didn't work..."

Steph with her baby blanket

The shopping continued into the night with the market women chasing us all around town, thier baskets filled with blankets and skirts to sell. It was pure madness.

The Red Zhao at the nightmarket

Caps, anyone?

Some student artists sketching the night scenes.

Ha's bracelet obsession.

Music and dance performances.

A break of barbequed goodies to replenish ourselves for the next day.