my chemical romance

As mentioned in the previous post, there is a following for metal music here in Vietnam. One of my former students asked me if I would be attending the Unite 08 concert featuring the band My Chemical Romance. Wow, really? MCR is coming here? I actually like this group. She even offered to win free tickets for me. So sweet of her. The tickets are not being sold but are instead being given out as prizes to games being played in the bars around town during the week of 1/12 - 1/19. The concert is being held on 1/20 and is sponsored by Tiger Beer.

The beer companies have been sponsoring a lot of music events lately. Just last month, Heineken brought world dj Ferry Corsten to liven up the Christmas festivities. Hopefully this trend continues and Saigon will be able to host more concerts, so people don't have to fly off to Singapore or Hong Kong any more to see artists that they like.


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