Went out to lunch with a co-worker who ordered a fish dish and it arrived still in a net... of carrot???? How the heck did they do that??? Amazing....

It also makes for a good hairpiece... for the fish that is. Yes, I sometimes play with my food :)


A little bit past due...but nonetheless. Happy B-day roomie! a.k.a child of Satan. Pictures from Patricia's b-day last month. DDR is hard!!!

andrew's last stance

I should have posted this when it happened, a couple of months ago... oh well. Better late than never. This is a funny picture of Andrew on his last night in Saigon. I wonder if he realized that he was taking the same pose as the little statuette, a going-away gift from his one of his Vietnamese friends.


Then maybe you should attend this class being offered....

We spotted it a while back on our way to dinner one night. ROTFL :)

working, working, working

It's going to be a busy semester, 3 courses and around 85 students. What am I thinking??? So this blog will probably fall to the wayside for a bit, until I'm done playing catch-up :(

pink streak

As my sister was getting her hair-cut, I got kinda bored and asked one of the hairdressers to give me a pink streak. It turned out to be more purply magenta than pink, but still looks neat. Not very obvious though, just a small section on the very bottom layer, so you don't even see it if my hair is down. Similiar to when I had the platinum blond streak... just that my hair is a bit longer now.

One co-worker thought it was a scarf at first. My boss liked it, but wondered if I was going crazy. Maybe just a little... my way of rebeling, I guess. Instead of tatoos and piercings, I dye my hair. Its been so normal for the past 3 years...

grandma's big birthday bash

On Saturday, Grandma celebrated her 77th birthday....

with a huge cake....


lots of family....

all my cousins

and about 200 guests!!! Holy Cow!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma :)

More picts

morning walk

At 5am in the morning, we joined grandma for her daily exercise, a walk up the mountain.

Along the shore, the fish market is busy.

And many are already enjoying a morning swim.

Stopping for a break and checking out the flowers.

Grandma doing push-ups???

Jo distracted by people sleeping...


The cousins are in town. They are here to surprise Grandma.

Johnny, the smart-aleck drew me a picture. Punk!!!

jouissance - trans splash

This past Thursday, I went to an art exhibit organized by 'a little blah blah'.

Also ran into a few folks that I haven't seen in a while...

Will and a blond fro???

Kelly, the party's timekeeper.

With Justin.

Huy and Julie

Me and Jo.

kimling, kim-chi 6.21

While Yoko and Susie went to work, I spend the day with the Kimling and Kim-Chi.

Kimling took me to this 'Loose Leaf Tea Bar' that she had heard about. It had a comfy atmosphere.

And you could blend your own teas!

We opted for brunch instead :) Scones, yummy :)

This sign made us laugh.

She then drove me out to see Kim-Chi and Bernie. Here is Bernie grilling us some dinner.

Lol... 'Azn Guns'. Ahem... inside joke :)

and the winner is... 6.20

Taking a break from site-seeing, we held our annual arm-wrestling match. So normally, the main matches are between Yoko and Susie, then me and Lin.

Lin, the athletic Ultimate Frisbee player and me, the exercise-phobic. The bet would be on Lin, yeah.... me too....

But every year, for the last 9 years, she doesn't win. Neither do I though... We struggle, going back and forth for 10 minutes till our arms are tired and then give up. Completely boggles all of us as to why she's not stronger than me.... One of these days though, the stalemate will end...

As for the new holder of the arm-wrestling crown, Susie!!!! Sorry, Yoko, maybe you can get it back next year :)