Go RISD !!!

I was just browsing through my favorite T-shirt shopping website, Threadless and noticed that they have a select section. After the click, who do I see but my old professor, John Maeda, and a bunch of designs from RISD students. What a fun and creative way to get money for scholarships! Makes me want to apply to grad school at RISD... Who knows, maybe in a few more years. Check out the designs.

In other news, I find it kinda funny how the Vietnamese help each other to avoid getting traffic tickets by the cops. This morning on the way to work, we were driving down this small one-way street with cops standing at the corner. Of course, most Vietnamese do not care its one way or not, they will drive anywhere they want. So as we are driving, we see a whole bunch people going the wrong way. Suddenly, everybody behind us is screaming at them,"There are cops at the end of the road, turn around!" and like a school of fish, every one of them just switched around and headed the right way. With all this screaming, it a wonder that the cops didn't hear....


At 3/05/2009 11:35 AM, Blogger henno said...

Those are some seriously funky tees @ threadless . Do they deliver in VN I wonder?


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