primere party

In response to Hang's comment. I've already seen "The Rebel", at its premiere party this past Friday. Knew some friends that got me in. Thanks guys :) Won't ruin it by telling you what I think, since many have not seen it yet.

Me and Thu.

Andy and Danny. They did the the "Behind-the-Scenes" documentary about the filming.

Press Junket

Its all about the food. Lol.

After party at Xu's.


I think I've finally gotten into the whole idea of it. Started running three times a week for half an hour and it really does help boost one's energy level during the day. Also allows you to think and work out a bit of healthy aggression. I've found my pace, now wondering if I can work my way up to running a marathon. Only thing about that is that people's toenails fall off.

I kinda like my toenails.

In other news, the movie "The Rebel" is finally opening this week is Saigon. Hope its good.

you want me to what?

"Knit me a Chewbacca suit." Tino calmly replied.

Wendy, Steven, Tino, Kym, Kevin, Mai, and I were all hanging out over brunch at X-Cafe when the sudden request was directed my way. Instead of my usual device of distraction, a.k.a. my computer, I had brought some knitting. I am making a scarf that my grandma wanted for the winter months in Danang. Khanh is coming next week to visit, so I wanted to finish it in time for him to take it back to Danang for me. Anyways, it is apparently not a very good idea to knit in public here, you get a lot of ragging and requests for strange things such as a Chewbacca suit. Why in heavens would anyone want a knitted one. It would take months to make, cost a bundle ( specialty fur like yarn is expensive ), and hot as hell. Crazy people...

Anyways, the group then digressed into the topic of "Zombie Movies". Plans are in the works for an attempt to freak normal Saigonese people out by walking around dressed as Zombies, then filming it. Anyone out there who want to join and be a cast member, ring Tino. He wants to start filming in two weeks. Let the hilarity ensue. My bet is the Saigonese will ignore everything we do. Zombies, totally normal.

wedding season

I have been to three weddings in as many months. Just got back from 2 in Danang and have two more coming up, one in May and another in July. Why is everyone getting married this year? Ah well, another excuse for me to get ao dais made. That's always fun.

Me, Ha, Minh and Thu at Chi Lan's and Tuan's wedding.

Ha and I hanging out at kareoke afterwards. Like my ao dai? I designed it myself :)

My cousin Den at 5 a.m. in the morning anxiously awaiting for his wedding ceremony to begin. He's is oh so happy.

Him and his new bride, Phuong Linh.

The wedding reception was held at his parent's home, so the family was busy busy busy cooking all day. It was madness in the kitchen. There was over 300 guests. A long but fun day, more picts here: Co Den's Wedding

Last but not least was Khanh's and Phuong's wedding, which they did not inform me about until two days before just because I happened to be in Danang. Was not prepared to dress for a formal wedding reception at all. I came in what I had, jeans and a T, being the most underdressed person there. Sheizers.... Note: Important to inform guests of appropriate attire... and in a decent amount of time. 2 days is not enough! Me with the groom. I call him "Popeye", such a punk!

Phuong and Khanh

Khanh belting out a song for the audience.