you want me to what?

"Knit me a Chewbacca suit." Tino calmly replied.

Wendy, Steven, Tino, Kym, Kevin, Mai, and I were all hanging out over brunch at X-Cafe when the sudden request was directed my way. Instead of my usual device of distraction, a.k.a. my computer, I had brought some knitting. I am making a scarf that my grandma wanted for the winter months in Danang. Khanh is coming next week to visit, so I wanted to finish it in time for him to take it back to Danang for me. Anyways, it is apparently not a very good idea to knit in public here, you get a lot of ragging and requests for strange things such as a Chewbacca suit. Why in heavens would anyone want a knitted one. It would take months to make, cost a bundle ( specialty fur like yarn is expensive ), and hot as hell. Crazy people...

Anyways, the group then digressed into the topic of "Zombie Movies". Plans are in the works for an attempt to freak normal Saigonese people out by walking around dressed as Zombies, then filming it. Anyone out there who want to join and be a cast member, ring Tino. He wants to start filming in two weeks. Let the hilarity ensue. My bet is the Saigonese will ignore everything we do. Zombies, totally normal.


At 4/17/2007 3:27 AM, Blogger travel-lin said...

Tell Tino that I've got a lot of time on my hands - if he can purchase the yarn I'll start on the suit for him!


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