mountains in the mist

Yesturday, the weather was still wet, drizzling, but not so bad as earlier in the week, so I took a trip to see Yangminshan National Park, where the annual flower festival was being held. Lin had decided to spend time with her grandma, so I was on my own for the day. As the bus was heading up the mountain, you could smell the sulfur and see the smoke from the hot springs all around. Higher and higher, the foggier it became.

When I got off the bus and started walking towards the park area, I noticed that there was no one around. Just me and the trees. A bit eerie, but also tranquil.

Once in a while I would run into a couple and they would ask me to take a picture for them but for the most part, I enjoyed the solitude, wandering in the fog and being surprised around every corner.

Exploring only half of the park, I went back today to see the rest. The weather was nicer, no rain, no fog. But that also meant that tons of other people went as well. Ah, such a contrast. Too crowded, too noisy, completely different atmosphere. So if you ever go, go when the weather is not so great, much more pleasant.


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