lost in hanoi

Lin and I arrived in Hanoi yesturday morning and spent much of the day walking around the city. I tried really hard not to go shopping, but sigh... I failed. Got a bit lost walking back to the hostel and saw some cute shorts at a new store that apparently just opened 10 days ago. The shop is called Kelly Bui. She's a new designer. After my purchase I asked the saleslady for directions and she called an older man to help her out. He told me it would be confusing to explain so he would just drive me. Turns out he was the designer's father and she is fairly young, only 26. Anyways, I quite like her style, interesting cuts, understated color, a bit funky. Will definitely have to visit again next time I'm in town.

Afterwards, I finally met Julie and her friend Mike at the very chill Chim Sao resturant on 65 Ngo Hue. Great atmosphere and food, highly recommended. Thanks Julie !

We then headed to Dragonfly, a lounge/bar that Julie thought would be nice. Its too bad that she wasn't able to join us, but we had a good time nonetheless. Her friends Jimmy and Ben, collectively known as thirstythong showed up and we has a blast sipping our "Woo Woo" and "Yum Yum" while playing Jenga.

To Julie, Mike, Jimmy, and Ben :
It was great to meet you guys and thanks again for taking the the time show us around a bit :) We had lots of fun. See ya in Saigon.

Ok, gotta go get ready for the next flight. Picts will have to come later. Ciao for now.


At 2/10/2007 11:02 AM, Blogger ngocthu76 said...

oh, the owner of Chim Sao is my friend, her husband is a French guy... i like that place too... will go there when i get back to Ha Noi for sure...


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