my poor waist

I've been in Da Nang for less than a week and think I've put on at least 10 pounds. My relatives are constantly feeding me and Lin. Its not helping that its the end of the year and everyone is throwing end of the year banquets and they won't let you leave the table until you've eaten at least three bowls, one bowl too many...

Lin thinks its funny cause she's never seen me with a belly before...not pretty... I am so going on a diet after I leave Da Nang. Thank goodness we have plenty of trekking planned in Chiang Dao :)

We fly out to Hanoi on 7th and then on to Bangkok on the 9th. 10th and 11th will be spent there so Lin can play in the Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament. I'm hoping to get some shopping in and maybe check out the nightlife.


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