thai women are strong!

Just got back from another massage here in Bangkok, I've been here three days and have gotten 3 massages :) Needed them all though. We got here on Friday and I went with Lin to the Ultimate Frisbee Registration. There were a lot of people there. A few familiar faces from Saigon including Tino, Anne, Jae, Lester, Aaron, and David.

On Saturday, as Lin spent the day sweating out on the fields, I kept myself busy in probably the largest fleamarket in the world, Chatachuck. It has everything. So large I got lost a couple of times. Luckily I had a map and did find my way out eventually. Didn't buy that much, some earrings that I really liked, a few t-shirts, teva-like shoes for trekking next week, and a pair of white polka-dotted turquoise flats for $5 bucks. They're so cute :) Oh and a canvas bag to stuff it all in. Almost forgot that. So handy!

Today, I went to check out Lin and her white team. They won both of their morning games. Woo-hoo! Good start. I then headed off to visit The Grand Palace and Wat Po.

So the area around The Grand Palace is known for jewerly scams, which I was aware of but slightly forgot because of the heat. Anyways, after visiting The Grand Palace, very ornate I must say, I asked directions to Wat Po. I should have brought a map.... Ask several people and after 15 minutes of not being able to find it, one of the guards comes up to me and speaks to me in Thai.... umm... Where is Wat Po? help... ok, so a lady standing next to him tells me she is a officer and I could take a tuk-tuk there and should visit other locations in the area as well, some Golden Mount temple and a Thai Cultural Center. It so hot, if this will get me to Wat Po faster, why not.... Well, after going to the Gold Mount, where you can get a bird's eyeview of the city, the Thai Cultural Center turned out to be no cultural center at all. I walk in and its a jewerly shop. Damn.

The man asks, "Would you like to buy something for yourself?" at which I answer, "Do I look like I can afford it?" "Where is your boyfriend?" "You tell me. Do you see him standing next to me?" Then I walked out and told the driver to take me to Wat Po. I was a "poor" target, pun intended.

Wow, the buddha at Wat Po is HUGE! So many steeples.... After all the sun, headed home for a nap, went to dinner with Lin, who's team made it to the finals. She even got a medal. Go Lin!!! We ate at this vegetaran place called Tamarind on Soi 20. Really really good desserts. Thanks Angie. I'm going back just for desert tomorrow :)

Yeah, all that walking left me with sore legs and all the shopping bags with sore arms, so massages are oh so necessary. Compared to the Vietnamese masseuses, Thai women are really strong, so gonna take full advantage of it while I'm here.


At 2/12/2007 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the conversation in the jewelry shop .
Duy (Orlando)

At 2/17/2007 11:24 PM, Blogger joann said...

Happy Birthday, Sister! May your birthday on holiday be filled with adventure! See ya stateside.


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