fun in the sun

After Chiang Mai, Lin and I took a train to Bangkok, explored the Chinatown area for a few hours and then hopped on a flight to Railey in Southern Thailand. On the first day, I was tired from traveling and just slept while Lin, who managed to sleep on the train explored the island. The next morning we took a half-day rock climbing course that was really fun and real rock is quite a bit easier to climb than indoor rock walls. I did four climbs :) Woo-hoo! Really fun.

We saw our instructors later that day playing frisbee on West Railey beach. Lin joined them in throwing the disc around while I sat and watched. One of the instructors, Nu, invited us out to dinner with his friend Bo and then took us to the Gecko bar where his younger brother, Lam, was the DJ. The rest of the rock-climbing guys were there as well. Not only are they rock-climbers, but apparently fire-breathers also. Three of them, Alex, Pak, and Ti, put on a fire show for the crowd. We went to bed early cause we had an early start the next morning.

The next day, we rented a kayak and explored the area around the island for 2 and a half hours, had lunch and ran in Alek, one of the fire-breathers. He took us to another part of the island where people were bouldering. Not much later, Nu and the rest of the rock-climbing bunch (Yawt, Lam, Boi, Ti, Pak, and Tack) joined. Nu is preparing for a rock-climbing competition in Malaysia at the end of the month so was timing himself. He climbed up the rock-face to the top in 50 seconds. It was quite amazing, but apparently, his best time is 30 seconds. Crazy!!! Spent the rest of the day playing water frisbee, had dinner, and then went out. The island is so small that we ran into Alek and Nu again walking along the beach and joined them at Jah Bar, where the other guys were as well. Spent the night playing Connect four, dancing and chatting til late.

On our last day, we saw the crew one last time on our way to the Lagoon with Alek. It was gorgeous. Afterwards, he drove us to the airport. So nice of him. Lin gave him her Bangkok Hat disc as a gift. Thanks to all the guys at Krabi Rock Climbing and Cliffman's for showing us around :) We had a lot of fun.


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