which is bigger?

Pomelo or my head?

How about here?

Anyway, I just uploaded all the picts from my recent trip. You can find them in my smugmug gallery for Southeast Asia.

There were many funny moments during the trip and below are some that Lin and I remembered on our last flight together:

"I can't believe she can't speak Vietnamese, its so easy"
one of my older male relatives to Lin ( Da Nang )

"Harder. Harder."
me to my weak-@ss masseuse ( Chiang Mai )

"And this is for growing WEED!"
Alek explaining a sand drawing of his dream future. ( Railey )

"I know why you're looking at him, you like him." "No, I don't." "Ahhh, I caught you. You thought I meant 'like LIKE', but I mean'like Like', you know what I mean?" "What?! You lost me"
Conversation between Lam and me. ( Railey )

"Like my SEXY truck?"
Alek offering us a ride to the airport in the most beat-up truck I've ever seen. ( Railey )

"You're this one because you have big tits, and you're this one because you have a big butt."
Alek commenting on the Bangkok Ultimate Hat disc that Lin gave him. ( Railey )

"I do not have big tits!"
me in the airport, apparently loud enough to disturb a mother and son in front of us. Ooops, sorry.... ( Railey )

"What can I DOOOOO?"
Sunshine, our tuk-tuk driver, while he was thinking during our card games. ( Siem Reap )

"I want to see you again. I wanna play cards."
Manil, another tuk-tuk driver, when he saw us later in town. ( Siem Reap )

"Awhhhh, you're not Cambodian?"
Some Korean tourists that spotted us in town and randomly asked to take a picture. They were a bit disappointed when we told them we were not Cambodian. ( Siem Reap )

"Can I kiss you? "
Lin's massage girl to her. Me thinking, "Lin's getting hit on by a girl?" ( Siem Reap )

"She has big breasts."
Lin's Popo to Lin about me. Geez, what the heck? I really don't. ( Taiwan )

"You know you look like a DOG. They LIE! "
Christine on the subject of running marathons. ( Taiwan )

"It's because Chinese people are CHEAP."
Christine on the subject of why Chinese people don't wear make-up. ( Taiwan )

"Don't be a cat or dog woman."
Christine on the topic of marriage. ( Taiwan )

"Your Chinese-Vietnamese, right?" "NO, I'm Vietnamese-Vietnamese."
Chat between James and I. ( Taiwan )

" Wo gen mama shuo gen dian hua ni...." "Lin, what are you saying?"
Lin talking to her Popo and me trying to follow. Dude, your chinese grammar is bad. ( Taiwan )

"She is sick because she ate too much. She had an orange last night and one this morning. And she keeps eating those Japanese rice seedweed wraps. Tell her to stop eating so much!
Lin's Popo. ( Taiwan )


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That fish is super cute... reminds me of a manatee... dopey, mopey, and keeeeyoooooot!


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