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So I am back in Bangkok and just in time for Bangkok's International Fashion Week. Yay! Didn't even plan that. Went to a few of the shows yesturday, there is 13 in all, and will go to a few more tomorrow before I have to leave on Sunday to fly back to Saigon. Metallics and natural colors appeared in a lot of the shows with an emphasis on hemlines and men style tailoring. I really like the designs of of Number 27 and Kloset. Interesting prints and attention to detail.

I also went to a talk yesturday by a group called "Ecletic Method", who are doing pretty interesting work in the field of video dj-ing, dj-ing with not just music, but images as well, making dancing a full on multisensory experience. They are playing at a club in town tonight and were cool enough to put me on the guestlist so that I didn't have to pay the 500 baht cover. Nice :) If anyone from Hanoi is checking out this blog, Eclectic Method will be doing a gig in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 21st at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts.

Today, I am spending my time at TCDC, Thailand's Creative and Design Center. Its absolutely awesome, with exhibits and a library boasting 15,000 books. I love it!!!! I've got a computer to myself and tons of fashion books sprawled out. Perfect end to a vacation :) Ok, back to reading.


At 3/17/2007 4:08 AM, Blogger Lin said...

I'm glad to hear you're having a good time on your own out there. I half ran Maddie to school today to speed the Taiwan fat burning process - but it was offset by the yummy dinner my sister made. Hope you're fairing better!

At 3/20/2007 3:19 PM, Blogger snowtweety said...

Getting there. I think I have 5 more pounds to go and I will be back to before we started traveling. Woo-hoo!


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