in the nude

Public nudity is something that I'll probably never really get. Why the heck do you want to be naked? There is so much pretty clothes to wear.

Anyways, I get freaked out at just the prospect of going into an "Onsen". Had visited a friend in Japan a few years ago and one day she decided that I should experience the public hot springs. "Public? What do you mean public? I have to see you naked?" Oy!!!! "It'll be fine, we have the same stuff?" "Uhhhh....." "I've seen my mother naked" "Ummm... yeah, I haven't and....uhhhh" So I prayed and prayed that there was some way I could get out of this experience without offending my host.

We started walking to an Onsen, me dragging my feet all the way. Get to the door. It was closed. Woo-hoo!!!
"Can't do it. Its a sign, I'm not meant to see you naked."
"There's another one down the street."
"Geez, you are persistant."

Get to that one... Closed Too...
Next one...Closed.

Huh, what's going on...
Turns out it was a Holiday and they were all closed :) Such a relief.

Now, imagine seeing 20,000 people naked. I'd probably pass out.

Striking a naked pose in Mexico City
Spencer Tunick


At 5/25/2007 1:45 AM, Blogger r. streitmatter-tran said...

I have the documentary on the artist if you're interested....I bought the DVD, of all places, in Hanoi.


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