encounters of the strange kind

A couple of weeks ago, I found a weird box on my desk at work, no note, no nothing. Must be a mistake....

So I moved it to my co-worker's desk. The next day, its on my desk again. Huh??? So again I move it. By the time I was planning to move it a third time the day after, my co-worker walks in and tells me it's a present for me. She had picked it up along her travels. OK..... Here's a pict of the box:

Its some kind of wedding incense. Apparently peopIe think I need help getting married. Sheesh....
At least it smells nice.

Another strange sight that confronted me as I was walking along the alley towards a friend's place. This man is huge. If you think there are no fat people in Vietnam, think again...

He has been sleeping in her alley for a couple of nights now. The rumor is that he got into a spiff with the wife and she kicked him out. Sleeping on the street seems to be common here, maybe because the weather is so hot it doesn't matter where you sleep.


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