cyclo race

Went to the annual Saigon Cyclo Race yesturday and ran into Gollum. We're really short next to him....I feel like a hobbit...

Some of the Dark Riders. Scary....

Patricia modeling the helmet look.

More costumes: Gladiators, Sailors, and Clowns

Decorated Cyclos.

The HSBC piggy-bank. Wonder how many coins I can fit into that?

The Race!!!!

Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Pink Man Down! Pink Man Down!!!!

Back up and ready to race.

Running after...

One of the team challenges on the obstacle course.

The cheering crowd!

The results are in.

The best part was the VIP treatment. Gollum and his mistress, one of the Dark Riders, snuck us in for some tasty snacks and champange catered by Au Parc.


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