food baby

Food is essential in every celebration, but boy can it do a number on you. My belly is round. I think I've put on at least 5, if not 10 pounds. The copious amounts of food that both my families made and both my grandmothers managed to guilt-trip me into eating have done a bit of damage to my waistline. Poor belly, when shall you strink back to normal?

Sigh... I really need to learn to say no when I'm full. But at least the food was good, even the vegetarian dishes that I ate for three days straight cause one grammy is a buddhist and has months where she only eats vegetarian food.

Grandma cooking away.

Some of her vegetarian dishes.

Food on one of the altars at the other grandma's place. This is the standard size for a meal.

One of the last meals I had in Da Nang. 'Lau' which is like Shabu which is like seafood fondue. It was for my cousin's birthday.

Eating in style, nothing better than just chilling on the floor and taking a food-coma nap afterwards. Also the #1 reason why my jeans feel tight. Thank goodness I only visit once in a while. Otherwise I would be huge!


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