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Last Friday, a friend invited me some private party that was being thrown. As I waited for friends to get there, I happened to sit and chat with the father of the party, or more specifically, the father of the guy who was throwing the party and he happened to be some kind of producer. The next thing I know I'm being introduced to him and various other producers, directors, and actors, one of which happened to be Dustin Nguyen from 21 Jump Street.

Fast-forward to yesturday. Dustin and his fellow castmates are filming a movie here and me, all curious, and somehow happening to be a multimedia teacher, figured I should go check out how all the gear, cameras, lighting, post-production, etc. worked in the real world. They picked me up and gave me a tour of the post-production studio which was not fully set up yet. This industry is almost all men.....

So I'm sitting here in a room of six or so guys and what do men talk about .... at first it was business, dissecting the film industry in Vietnam and the two most recent films that were directed and released here and the next thing I know, the conversation moves to ' hey have you been getting the runs lately?...Oh, please stop, that's way too much information.....'I swear its because we went to Singapore and had clean food. We're so used to eating on the streets here that we can't handle clean food no more'.....' picking your nose is cultural, you don't pick your nose?', 'Of course not, where are you manners?That is utterly gross!'....

At some point, I needed to go the bathroom and the men proudly informed me that their bathroom had no toilet paper. They had no use for it "What!?" That's what the extra hose next to the toilet is for, hosing off. "What!?" I had always thought the extra hose was there so it was easy to rinse the floor when you cleaned the bathroom, but no, it is apparently used to hose oneself off and airdry. They suggested I do that. Are you crazy?! I'm a lady! After 10 minutes they finally found an roll. I went and came out to round of applause.

* shakes head*

One of the guys promptly retrieved the toilet roll and informed us that he was returning it to its rightful location: on the kitchen table!

Remind me never to eat with these people.....

Finally, I was taken out the filmset, which is at an old prison in district 5. It was pretty cool and the people were all so nice. The female lead gets to beat the crap of some of the guys and from the stills, she looks great doing it. I can't wait to see how the film turns out, but it won't be done with filming and post until next summer.


At 2/04/2006 4:07 AM, Anonymous jenny dang said...

In some way, it's absolutely cool while in so many ways the very reasons why i won't go back there!!


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