christmas eve potluck

The house was a busy place on Christmas Eve. Friends wandered in for some home cooked food and good company.

We made lasagna :) Steven brought steak and Giap made us a salad. Yum!

Steven and Trang

Giap and Xuan in from the rain.

A surprise visit by Steph and her grandmother.

Giap gave her some wine to try. It didn't go down well...

While I spent some catch-up time with Steph before she headed off on her adventures again.

Had lollipops for our sweet teeth :)

Bao dropped in with her cute new bag.

Ladies dancing the night away.

Checking out the lights around town.

Ending the night in a festive mood at 3am in the morning :) Both Bao and Patricia headed off to Cambodia a few hours later.

Our fellow revelers and traffic in the streets.


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