math, science, & some sugar

This past weekend, a couple us girls decided to do numbers night....

which basically equates to us dressing up in a cute 'number' a.k.a 'outfit' and heading out on the town. It was a long night. We spend an hour driving into District 8 to see some Christmas decorations only to find that we were too early and they were not up yet. Then had some 'che', before going to Lush and meeting up with Giap and a few of his friends.

Looking for a bigger dance floor, we went to Yang Bar, which up to a week ago was the quintessential 'gay bar'. Word must have spread about its ambience and music because this week it was packed with the rest of Saigon. The 'in' crowd was milling around downstairs while we headed upstairs, finding a nice area all to ourselves to dance without being bumped every which way.

On Sunday, had a close encounter of a different kind at Sandrine's closing, Astronauts!!!

Tea anyone?

Yes, please and and bit o' suga.

The event was catered by Sugar Street Cafe and they served darn good chocolate cake and I don't even really like chocolate, but managed to stuff myself with 3 or 4 pieces along with some yummy tea.

Check out their cute menus :)

Why Justin, are you offering to give me the oven to make my cheesecake?


At 12/27/2005 1:16 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

hi sister,

it's kim! i don't quite remember our conversation on christmas eve, i was in a sleeping stupor. mother woke me up to talk to you and i tried my best. anyway, i'm OFFICIALLY done with finals. just wrote my paper and sent it in. i saw paul and jack at the mall when i was working. so weird. um, what else is new... i have a tatoo! actually i don't, i shocked you. i've been working a lot and that's blatantly my life. everything is good, i'm trying to paint one of those pictures that you posted in my dorm. plus i'm hanging your drawings in the room at home. should look okay, at least i hope. damn you and your weather! i can't stand winter any more. it's too cold. well i'm getting tired and i have a flight to catch tomorrow so i will talk to you soon. how about giving your little sis a call sometime? i love receiving voicemail! :) hugs and kisses, kimbo.

At 12/29/2005 9:20 PM, Anonymous jenny dang said...

hi bestest friend,
fix THAT grammer error. i really miss u! i'm glad u r having so much fun, makes me want to go visit u! really, i do!! well, i would have to think very very hard about it. hope u have a wonderful wonderful holiday and prosperous new years!!
lotsa love,


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