pizza party & game night

On Saturday, we had our first get together at the house. Since not everyone knew each other and we hadn't seen some folks in awhile, most of the night was spent chatting and playing games, of which I do not remember the names. I have to ask Bao one of these days. One of the games had a penalty of eating a packet of hot sauce and can I tell you, hot sauce does not go down that easily. Quite disgusting actually.

Some folks' reactions when they lost and had to swallow a packet:






Poor Patricia. Since she was last, the only packet left was double the size of the rest of ours. Suffice it to say we didn't eat hot sauce for a few days.

Andrew fanning like a geisha it was so hot.

Moved locations, but the weather was still hot.

Finally gave up and moved the game of "Egyptian Rat Screw" into an AC room. Some folks waiting to slap the cards on doubles and sandwiches. The object of the game is to 'AMASS' as many cards as possible. Of course, being nerds that they all are, they decided to make up other rules including addition, consecutives, even multiplication. Dang over-acheivers!

Me, at 12 midnight, my reaction time is pretty much nil, so I sat out to watch them bump heads and strategize the most efficient/distracting slapping moves. As they got tired and their accompanying musical soundtrack got slower, they became erratic, words such as 'crazy teretz girl' was flung about. Bursts of laughter rung throughout the house. Senility set in.

The clam.

The praying mantis.

Gotta get ourselves some poker chips for another game night. Wonder where I could find some in Vietnam?


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