keeping up with steph & pop stars

So Steph and her nephew, Han, are here in Southeast Asia, traveling to 10 different countries in 3 months. Vietnam is their second stop and I must say that these two are hard to keep up with. They want to go everywhere and do everything. I spent a couple of days with them while they were in town and I must say, it was fun but I'm tuckered out. Where the heck do they get all their energy?

Han and Steph meeting the crew the first night they were in Saigon.

We ate at Quan An Ngon, a really inexpensive spot for good Vietnamese food with a nice atmosphere.

Out on the town in my pink boots. Thanks Kimbo!

Talking manicures with Patricia as we wait for Steph to buy fabric for her tailored suits. The girl knows how to bargain! I would give up after 5 mins.

Out with Loic and Giap for some 'flying rice'.

At a nearly empty Saigon waterpark. It was great! No waiting in lines. We went on ride after ride.

Snacking on 'Oc', aka snails. Mmmm....

More eating later that night.

Acting silly at a club on 164 Pasteur. It had a very Buddha-Haremish vibe going on.

Went to a Vietnamese pop concert with them over the weekend.

The performers in their pop outfits.

And then the traditional Vietnamese schoolyard garb.

The best performance of the night, a duet by My Tam and Phuong Thanh.

Checking out the view from the stage.

Backstage with some of the pop stars.

Afterwards, we actually hung out with one of singers at his house until 3am in the morning. It was one of those really surreal nights. Check out Stephanie's post for Friday December 9, 2005 for details.


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