thanksgiving with a cowboy

Very much missing thanksgiving at home, mom's turkey and jo's stuffing, I headed out with my roommate to see what Saigon had to offer. We began at Texas BBQ. They were serving a thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. It began pouring outside and a few people were caught in the rain.

Steven and Trang dripping wet but ready to chow down.

Me quite excited at the prospect of turkey :)

There was a blackout, so we had dinner by candlelight and a few other

Picts of the crew: Trang, Steven, Tino, Andrew, Patricia, and Moi.

Feeling very full and satisfied, now what do we do?

Go to 'Troi Oi', an art opening, but of course! A show by Sandrine Llouquet at Gallery Quynh.

Some cards at La Casa Latina.

And then we joined the cowboy in search of a boat to take us along the
Saigon River.

Only to find the only boat still running was the ferry. So on we hopped
and crossed to the other side, still in search of something.

So many people use the ferry!

A view of the city.

Getting off on the other side. The cowboy drew a lot of attention. But
what we all found so fascinating was a motorbike that sounded like a
rooster. It had a horn attached and every time the guy accelerated we
heard the sound of a rooster crow. We wondered if he drove around in the
mornings to wake people up.

At last we found that something! It made the cowboy very happy.

All smiles:)


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