the color wheel

I'm in Vietnam and still manage to feel stressed.... what the when I'm stressed I tend to want to put things to paper. Patricia decided to start her drawing classes and so I joined her. There was a class on drafting patterns by hand. Oooh, exciting. I wanted to try that. So we get seated and he gives us..... what!!!! darn it.... We had to draft the color wheel. I wanted to start drawing patterns already :(

Two hours and a couple of sore bums later, we headed out to check out a new pizza place, where we could create our own pizza. Pretty good place. The owners had these cute chairs that they are thinking of getting rid of, so we're considering buying a couple of them for the terrace. A little table and some candles and we'll have a chill hangout place upstairs. Furniture is so important!!!!


At 11/06/2005 11:30 PM, Blogger landon said...

Drawing sounds like a good way to let go of some of your frustrations. So does Pizza!


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