I'm missing the seasons. No changing colors of the fall leaves. No snow.... No hiding under the covers on days when work has been called off.

I miss wearing coats, hats, scarfs, and boots. Halloween went by without a hitch. No trick-or-treating. No witches. No pumpkins. Wondering what Lana dressed up as this year...

Relatives stopped in for a visit. They checked my fridge to make sure I was eating enough. Apparently they think I look more Vietnamese now, being a bit darker and thinner and its only been a month!


At 11/02/2005 4:11 AM, Anonymous Chi said...

Yo Tuyet,
Halloween was lame this year for me too. Didn't do anything. At least you get to eat good food. Be grateful for that. Counting down the days to visit you. I'm trying to get Susie to come with me. See ya soon girl. And yes..the leaves are changing, we had snow the other day (nothing much, melted as it came down), and it's getting cold so that means I'm wearing my new Burberry coat and scarf...wohooo..


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