meet, greet, eat, and bowl

This past week has been filled with catching up with people which means a lot of eating and exploring places to eat.

Landon, Roy, and Mimi. Had quite an interesting dinner with them. Roy and Lisa took us to a place close to their home that serves some excellent rice dishes.

Lisa and a friend of her daughter's.

Man and his brother Dat. It was their first time back and they were craving Chinese food. Got some grub at Miss Saigon.

Patricia and Rich chilling at this cute French place that serves some yummy yummy desserts. Forget the name, but its near Le Thanh Ton and Pasteur. I need a map, so I can mark all the spots I've been... (edit) The place is La Fenetre Soleil.

The Alamo re-created at Texas BBQ. Liked their corn on the cob. The menu was extensive, so will have to go back and try other things.

Met up with Giap, one of my sister's best friends, and his girlfriend for a friendly game of bowling at Diamond Plaza, one of Vietnam's malls. They have some really cute clothes. Will have to do a bit of damage when I get paid. I've been so good and haven't bought anything since I've been here. Well.... actually.... one pair of shoes, but still that's pretty good for me.


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