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Patricia and I had a house-warming get-together yesturday. Invited a few friends over: Bao, Rich, Steven, Steven's gf Trang. I was so happy that we finally had some female visitors. My cousins and the only friends that would visit us before were guys, because they were the only ones who owned their own motorbikes. I'm afraid some people in the neigborhood have gotten the wrong impression. Considering how rumor and gossip spreads around here, I shouldn't have been so surprised. Yesturday afternoon while walking to the market to get some hangers, I swear I heard someone say, "I wonder how much that would cost to rent for a night" as I walked by. Definitely a time I didn't want to understand the language.

We ordered pizza and watched "Hitched." Boy was that a cheesy movie.

Living with Patricia has been going well. Turns out we're both a bit of the neat freak variety, which is good, except when it comes to the floors. In my mind, I thought it would be good to mop the floors myself instead of hiring a housekeeper. During the process things were going fine.

3 buckets of water + 1 hour = 3 floors of gleaming floors.

Broke out into a bit of a sweat. I thought this was great! Could kill two birds with one stone. Not only would the house be clean, but I get a workout as well.

That was until about an hour later, my lower back did not agree with me. Perhaps I should have stretched, because my lower back decided to tense up and now there is a bit of pain. I should go get a massage. Or better yet, maybe all I need is a good housekeeper.


At 10/17/2005 2:54 PM, Anonymous Blair said...

hey tuyet!

just want to say hi and see how everything is going there..

send me an email so we can stay in touch

it was fun getting 2 know u two.. hope to be back soon

and keep those gossiping women in check..
they're just jealous you know



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