alone in saigon

Arrived in Saigon yesturday morning. Checked into a hotel and spent most of the day sleeping.... The flight seemed longer than usual... China Airlines's service leaves much to be desired. The food was so-so and they didn't really show any movies. Absent-minded me forgot to bring a book..... big mistake.

Later, met up with some folks at a place called the "Hideaway" Cafe. Really nice place, it has wi-fi :) As you might have guessed, I'm currently sitting here at a table sipping some tea. Had woken up wicked early, 4:30am to be exact, messed around with my computer then headed out to find some grub. Had an early morning walk to Ben Thanh market, bought a knife and some fruit, mangos and mangosteens, my favs :) Had a bit of an adventure with my phone this morning. Bought a new SIM card to use here and while browsing through the settings, I managed to lock myself out of my own phone!!! Had to head to their headquarters to get it fixed. They were pretty quick at unlocking it again. Whew!

Had a nice lunch with Roy, discussed adjusting to life in Vietnam and the possibility of me teaching web design if I was really interested. Maybe.... although it seems like I would not get a Christmas holiday if I do.... when a few of my friends will be visiting... decisions, decisions...

So now I am hanging out alone in a cafe very much missing home. Most of the people I met yesturday are working till 7 or 8pm. I'm hoping the owners here don't kick me out for not eating enough and draining their electricity.

Here are some picts of my last weekend at home.

Mom cooking her famous eggrolls.

Lana with one of my Dad's plants. He is such a gardener.

Hanging out with Lana at the park.

Being sent off at the airport by my brother and his family.


At 9/22/2005 8:11 PM, Blogger r. streitmatter-tran said...

hey. stick in there. it gets better. i'll be returning to saigon soon. i'm a bit overwhelmed here. so many last minute changes to exhibition/performance. any leads on a place yet?


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