the goddess

Some picts from the last couple of days here.

LOL, I literally got seated next to a Goddess on my plane ride from New York to Taiwan. A goddess of protection no less. She hails from Flushing, New York. Her entourage was taking her to a festival in Taipei. I must say that she made a great neighbor! Allowed me to use part of her seat for legroom when I curled up to sleep on the 18 hour flight.

My view from the plane. On every flight I was consistently given the window seat right above the wing. Why? I have no clue.... Really weird....

Some folks that I met at the Hideaway cafe. Blair, fellow mac geek and architect from San Fran. He has the Nano, I'm jealous! Patricia and Bao, very cool women in finance and possibly new roomies if we can find a place together.


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