crazy taser woman

So in the mornings I like to go walking and see what's in the neighborhood. Yesterday morning, there were two pretty annoying incidents involving children, all boys btw. Sigh.

In one case it was two teenagers. One about 13 and the other taller one was probably 16. They were walking towards me when all of a sudden the older one pushed the younger one into me. I have a sneaking suspicion they were out to steal my bag. Probably thought the I would reach out to grab him and the other one would come over and just slide the handbag off my shoulder. But ah, I'm pretty wary of strangers anyways especially kids. Using my free arm i pushed him back really hard. We were on a busy street so I doubted they wanted to draw any attention. They walked away disappointed. I am too, it ruined my morning.

Later on during the day, another kid blocked my path for a full 10 minutes begging me for money. I kept turning away and heading in the opposite direction, but he was fast and I couldn't shake him for a while.

Told Patricia about it and she had a great suggestion. I could go buy one of those electric mosquito swatter tennis rackets and carry that around the city with me. Its used to electrocute mosquitos and apparently hurts if you ever accidently touch the electric net.

So, every time a troublesome kid approaches I could threaten to taser him with it. I would be known around the city as the crazy taser woman. LOL!!! I thought that was such a funny idea! A bit tempted, wondering if the device requires a battery. I wouldn't really need the battery if I am just using it to threaten them.

Today, I was at the cafe again.

Where I sit in the mornings at Hideaway. The folks at Knapp should be happy to know that their going away gift gets a lot of use, huge-ass tote, notice it sitting on the couch?

I think the waiters think I'm weird cause I'm there everyday and now I've started talking to my computer and then laughing to myself. Had downloaded Skype to test and the program totally works. Connection is a bit finicky on the Mac, a bit of feedback and delay. Wondering if it is better on a PC. But then again its totally free and I did get to hear a friend's familiar voice. Now to get my family to install the program and I'm all set.

Would make my life so much simpler than using a phone card at those crowded internet cafes.

Also looked at a house yesturday. Fairly nice and the price is pretty good. Hoping to get it.


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