teacher's day

Teacher's day takes place on the 20th of November, quite a nice holiday which America should really adopt :) Its a day for students and schools to show teachers their appreciation. Generally students, both current and former, come bearing gifts. I didn't get any because I think I'm too new, but the schools that I teach for did make the holiday worthwhile. From the Austrailian school, I got a 256 MB usb flash drive. I had been planning on buying one, but they beat me to it. Woo-hoo! So
handy :)

The Vietnamese School though went all out! It booked half of a resort complex in Phan Thiet and paid for weekend accommadations for its entire 200+ staff. So nice!!!! We spent the weekend relaxing on the beach, playing games from which my bum was very sore from, and eating like crazy. They even provided some evening entertainment that included a
fashion show, a bit of cross-dressing, and a bonfire. The best part of the trip for me though has to be the sand dune sledding. So much fun!!!! I could have done it all day, next best thing to sledding on snow :)

Some highlights below:

A cham temple. One of the Vietnamese teachers on the trip asked me and
a couple of the foreign teachers if we knew what the meaning behind the
shape of the temple was. She was giggling...hmmm... anytime a Vietnamese
woman giggles it generally has to do with the topic of sex, so I just
assumed it was phallic.

Lo and behold, what do we see inside the temple, but an alter to what
the Vietnamese teacher describes as "that which happens between man and
woman. The cham people believed it was very important. The object in
the middle represents man and everything around it represents woman"...
she was beginning to turn red as she tried to explain to us. LOL!!! It
was very amusing.

The name of the resort we stayed at.

The view from my room.

The beach !!!

Food vendors along the beach in the evenings.

My new favorite dish, grilled scallops. Damn are they good!!!

Who knew my co-workers were pagans!

A gorgeous bonfire. So warm and inviting :)

HOT!!! They were actually really good dancers, especially the dude in

Some picts from the fashion show portion. So creative!

Jimmy, one of the other foreign teachers brought 'Uno' with him and
taught the Vietnamese teachers how to play. They got addicted and stayed
up till 3 am playing. I went to bed at 11pm but awoke to more 'Uno',
this time in my room! Vietnamese people are so easily addicted to card

The sand dunes.

Hai, my personal sled runner. He does this every day. Its too bad he
isn't in school instead like normal kids.

People prepping to sled.

A closer look :) Definitely one thing that everyone should try.


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