night-time picnic

It started out as a 'joke'. I was riding in a cab with Bao while she was telling her friend Christine about how she sometimes read under the statue, in the round-a-bout, in front of Cho Ben Thanh. Even though she was reading in the middle of all the traffic, she actually found it quite peaceful. So as we passed, musing aloud, I said, "Huh, we could have a picnic there sometime." Of course, I wasn't really serious about carrying it through, just one of those random thoughts that float through one's mind.

But Bao jumped on the idea and the next thing you know we had it all planned: Some grapes, cheese, crackers, and a bottle of Dalat wine. It had to be Dalat wine. Bao was adamant. Wine? Was it even legal to drink alcohol in public, much less under a city monument. I prayed that we wouldn't get in trouble with the police.

It was just supposed to be another 'Numbers' night, for Patricia's benefit since she was outta town when we did the first one. There's the added twist of a picnic, but still just us girls : Bao, Christine, Patricia, and I. But eh, plans go awry and it grew to a party of 12. How that exactly happened I do not know.

No more than ten minutes after we got there, then three policemen showed up and sat on another side of the monument. I'm pretty sure they were keeping a watchful eye on us crazy foreigners. The minute we got up to go in search of more substantial sustenance, they got up as well. All in all, quite a pleasant experience that I wouldn't mind doing again. Anyone up for another night-time picnic?

Picnic in the round-a-bout.

The police, watching just around the corner.

Some kids that were there. They were very curious about my camera.

Went to Bao's favorite Indian resturant for grub. She goes there so often, they gave her a 10 percent discount!

The original 'Numbers' crew.

Bao looking ultra cute in her dress.

Johnny, Kym, and Huy, pretty chill dudes that joined us.

Group Picture

Wavy hair club :)

The Roomies.

Ensuing Sillyness :)


At 1/10/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger r. streitmatter-tran said...

I think you should have shared your food with the lurking group on the otherside!

At 1/11/2006 10:16 AM, Anonymous Kym said...

yeah would love to do it again...only this time i'll supply the wine!


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