sick of eating

I have been sick the last couple of days and couldn't figure out why until I told Steph the symptoms. She thinks I have food poisoning cause she had it a couple weeks ago herself.

Exhaustion, stomach cramps, too much time in the bathroom, absolutely no appetite.... I think its because I've only eaten Vietnamese food in the last day or two. This is what I get for hanging out with friends who are only in Vietnam for a short period of time and adamantly refuse to eat anything besides Vietnamese food. The fact that I joined them in eating 4 meals in the span of six hours might have also been a factor, poor overworked stomach o'mine.

Feeling much better today having slept 18 of the past 24 hours. I think I need to go get a burger

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At 3/31/2006 10:37 PM, Anonymous Han Su Kim said...

Your Making Me Hungry.


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